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Dental Crowns

Do you have a severely damaged tooth? Or one in need of a cosmetic makeover? A dental crown can save the day.

Dental crowns are the workhorses of dentistry. They offer dependable and ingenious solutions to many dental problems our patients face.

With 30 years of hands-on experience, Tim Clavin, DDS, in Minneapolis, MN, is a master at making crowns both durable and natural-looking.

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How Much Does a Dental Crown (D2740) Cost?

Just $900

For a limited time, the price for a dental crown at Dr. Clavin's Minneapolis practice has plummeted 30 percent from $1,285 per crown to just $900.

If you need two crowns, the price drops even further to $800 apiece. That's a savings of nearly $1,000 for the pair.

What hasn't changed is the quality. Dr. Clavin has 30 years of hands-on dental experience and remains a master at creating dental crowns. He meticulously designs each crown to protect weakened teeth and restore their shape so patients can eat normally and smile confidently.

$900 crowns
"Dr. Clavin understands his patients. He's a very skilled dentist. I've had a bridge and a few crowns done and his attention to detail is impressive. People have no idea that I have a bridge. He matched my teeth color perfectly. I've been seeing the Doc for nearly 10 years." Omar Yamoor

What Is A Dental Crown (D2740)?

A dental crown is like a suit of armor worn over a tooth weakened by severe decay or trauma. The crown completely covers the damaged tooth, strengthening it and warding off infection. The crown also restores a pleasing tooth shape so that you can eat and smile confidently.
Dental crown fitting onto tooth
Our dentist also uses porcelain crowns to mask teeth that are misshapen or discolored. Once camouflaged, your tooth takes on the natural beauty and symmetry it was meant to have.   

Compassionate Care Call for a Consultation

Tim Clavin, DDS
Dr. Tim Clavin

You will have to rely on your dental crown for years to come. It only makes sense to pick a dentist who you can rely on to place it.

Dr. Clavin has been serving Minneapolis, MN, for 30 years, building on his expertise and commitment to spending quality time with each patient.

Instead of rushing patients through, Dr. Clavin prefers to give patients his undivided attention so treatment can be tailored to their needs, comfortably and conveniently.

Seeking a Practice That Values Your Time?

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We offer early morning and early evening appointments.

"Dr Clavin and his staff are incredible. They genuinely care about me and my dental health. Dr Clavin is the best . He is caring, trustworthy, efficient and thorough. I am so very happy that I found him." Michelle

No More Goop.
No More Discomfort.

We're a no-goop dental practice. That means you'll no longer have to sit with goopy impression material in your mouth.

Instead, we use an intraoral scanner to accurately (and comfortably) capture a precise digital impression of the treatment area. The 3-D image is then transferred to our CAD/CAM software so that our dentist can design your new crown.  

Woman undergoing dental exam

Timeline A Closer Look at Treatment

Placing crowns is fairly straightforward. However, you may first need preparatory treatment to remove decay, unsound tooth structure, or infection that has invaded a tooth's root canals. After that, the treatment timeline at our Minneapolis practice generally follows these steps:

We use high-quality porcelain to create crowns that could be mistaken for your natural teeth.
We use high-quality porcelain to create crowns that could be mistaken for your natural teeth.
Dr. Clavin takes a "no-rush" approach to meeting with patients. During your consultation, he will examine your mouth to determine if a dental crown is the right approach for you. He will then explain the process and go over any questions you may have.

The dentist will then shape the tooth so that the crown fits comfortably and aligns with your natural teeth.

Dr. Clavin will use an intraoral scanner to digitally capture the area where the crown will be placed so that he can design a crown that fits precisely. The information is then sent to our CAD/CAM software so he can design the crown.

Next, Dr. Clavin will send the crown design and specifications to our trusted lab where master craftsmen will create the crown out of high-quality dental material. While the permanent crown is being fabricated, the dentist will have you wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Dr. Clavin will provide you with some simple instructions to follow while wearing the temporary crown. For example, eating sticky or hard foods while wearing a temporary crown could dislodge it.

When your permanent crown is ready, you'll return so the dentist can test the fit and make any necessary adjustments. When both you and the dentist are happy with the results, Dr. Clavin will bond the crown in place. 


Dr. Clavin

Tim Clavin, DDS

Dr. Clavin opened his Minneapolis, MN, practice in 2003 and has been delivering exceptional dental care ever since. We provide caring, personalized service using cutting-edge technology to give you and your loved ones world-class results. Dr. Clavin's affiliations include:

  • American Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

We work with most insurance plans and can arrange convenient financing for any out-of-pocket expenses. Contact our friendly team today by filling out our online form, or by calling: (612) 332-5122.

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